Tet Nguyen Tieu

After the Lunar New Year (Tet Nguyen Dan), there will be a big festival of Tet Nguyen Tieu. Chinese people and Vietnamese people in the Cho Lon area of Ho Chi Minh City welcome a big festival with colorful lantern and drum sound. Nguyen Tieu is considered the traditional cultural festival which is held annually and it contributes to keep and develop the national personality of Chinese community in Vietnam. Meanwhile, this festival helps to create a jubilant atmosphere for the New Year days.

Tet Nguyen Tieu

Tet Nguyen Tieu has a custom of hanging lantern or flower and it is called Hoi Hoa Dang. Wherever you go, Chinese people also held Tet Nguyen Tieu and Hoi Hoa Dang to wish for the proper climate and prosperous business.

In the Culture Centre of District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Tieu festival is held from 12th to 15th of the first lunar month with many activities such as: art flower garlands and colored lanterns, painting exhibition, calligraphy writing, performance of dancing, etc.

The new feature of this year’s festival is the marching in three areas. Thousands of people flock to the Nguyen Trai, Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Luong Nhu Hoc, Tran Hung Dao street, etc to watch the performances of street arts. There are seven flower cars made by the Culture centre of District 6 and the club-house with the content of: Picture of President Ho Chi Minh, flower car of flying dragon, gold carp, rice flower, peach, etc which are the symbol of the good wishes.

In the festival time, the houses on Luong Nhu Hoc streets and the pagoda of Chinese people also hang the red lantern which light on an area with the sparkling red color.

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