Vu Lan Festival

Honoring: Showing gratitude to parents, ancestors.

Vu Lan FestivalTime: 15th of seventh lunar month.

Location: In the pagodas

Feature: Vu Lan celebration is at the same time with Vietnamese all Soul’s day.


Vu Lan ceremony is the festival of Buddism in 15th of seventh lunar month. The purpose of this ceremony is to wish for the dead relative’s soul would avoid the punishment of the next life.


In the celebration, there is often a wide range of offering to wish for the salvation of the dead souls. The offerings are rice, salt, and pure water. The important part is the status of the offered person.

In the pagoda, after the offering will be the ceremony of giving alms of foods. There is also a real activity of this which is cooking the rice soup and vegetarian food to give free to Buddhism follower.

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